Personal Shopping

Opportunitas Agency

This Opportunitas Agency service is optimal for buyers with little time to make visits, who value the professional search among all the market offer and a negociation in defense of their interests.

 TIME: Reduces 70% of the visits made with a traditional real estate.


 MONEY: Save between 5% and 20% of the starting prices of the properties.


 SURPRISES: We avoid 100% of hidden vices (technical, financial and legal).


 CONFLICT: 100% support for the buyer's interests.


 ADDED VALUE: Accompaniment in the post-purchase (supplies, decoration and reforms).


 PROFITABILITY: Professional assessment of potential income from vacation or seasonal rentals of your new property.


 REVALUATION: Advice by interior designers for the redesign or reform of your new property.


 INTEGRAL MANAGEMENT: The buyer has a comprehensive service of the purchase, as well as the subsequent exploitation of his real estate asset.



How does a Real Estate Personal Shopper - PSI work?

 1. Interview to define preferences and purchase objectives.

The SEP will know your needs, motivations, and lifestyle.

Your search parameters will be defined as: type of property, neighborhood, dimensions, age, style, level of conservation, distribution, price, community services or equipment of the area.

 2. Signing of the PSI order and provision of funds.

The PSI will draw up a service contract detailing the characteristics of the search and the services contracted.

PSI fees will be paid in several phases: signature of the order, reservation of the property, deposit or sale contract and notarial deed.

 3. Search and visits.

The PSI will carry out the professional search of the property prospecting in the totality of the real estate offer of the market.

The PSI will visit the properties qualified according to search parameters and will inform the buyer of those pre-selected.

Then a visit will be scheduled with the buyer to the chosen properties.

 4. We have a Matching!

The PSI will carry out the legal and technical Due Diligence of the property chosen by the buyer before starting the process of negotiating the purchase price.

When there is agreement between the parties, the PSI will prepare documentation for the signing of the reservation, contract of sale and notarial deed.

 5. After-Sales Service

The PSI will advise on the procedures of changes of ownership, delivery of documents to public bodies, among others...

The Real Estate Personal Shopper service will facilitate the acquisition of any real estate asset, safely and without worries.
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