Our services

Opportunitas Agency

Opportunitas Agency offers premium real estate services with high added value for its clients according to their role in the sale or rental of any property.

If you are an owner we propose our services of:

 Professional valuation and appraisal of your property.


 Real estate consulting and intermediation "turnkey" and specific marketing plan in the sale of your property.


 Integral management of the holiday or seasonal rental of your property.


 Re-looking, Home Staging or Interior Design for the transformation and reform of your property prior to marketing in the market.


 Tax advice on the declaration or reinvestment of the capital gain for the sale of a property.


If you are a buyer you will be interested in our services of:

 Personal Real Estate Shopping for the search for personalized purchase and 100% assisted.


 Consulting and analysis of real estate investment opportunities according to the objectives of profitability of assets in the short, medium or long term.


 Processing of Golden Visa and administrative immigration procedures.


 Comprehensive Relocation Management for the arrival and residence of buyers from abroad.


 Home Staging or Post-purchase decoration for the transformation and reform of your new property.