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What is relocation?

Relocation has become a very popular term within the real estate market in 2022. So far this year, several clients have asked us about relocation.

This Anglo-Saxon term, which literally translates as "relocation", arouses the curiosity and attention of many, while others already enjoy its benefits.

The definition of "relocation" is to move to another place, to change residence. It is regularly linked to the transfer from one country to another, and mainly for professional reasons.

On the other hand, foreigners who are interested in relocating, particularly in Spanish territory, can obtain a Golden Visa by investing in real estate assets of more than 500,000 euros.

With this visa you will be able to live and work legally in Spain and you can also require the residence permit of your spouse and child(ren). For this reason, the investor visa or Golden Visa is a totally recommended option for those families who wish to start living in Spain.


At Bhouses we help you relocate

Bhouses is much more than an immovable portal, aswe are not pleased to provide a complete service of accompaniment and welcome to our clients to start a new and exciting life in Spain.

It is for this reason that we also provide relocation services; facilities that we offer to our clients, to help them establish themselves and adapt to their new work and geographical environment.

From Bhouses we manage, for example, your new home, schools, rental or purchase of vehicles, integration programs, health card, etc. Our main task is to offer a quality service, to avoid worries or inconvenience to our customers.


  • Immigration Procedures

The best thing is that our customers don't have to worry about anything. We will be your guide for any administrative, legal or bureaucratic procedure that you may need during the transfer from your country of origin to Spain.

In our company we take care of all the paperwork and legal procedures through the law firm we have as a partner.

We manage the application for visas, the processing of work and residence permits, legalization and apostille of documents necessary for the transfer (university degrees, marriage certificate, birth certificate, criminal record), both for the main applicant and for his family.


  • We connect you with the home of your dreams

From our real estate portal, specialized exclusively in properties along the Mediterranean Coast, we offer properties located on the seafront.

Not only is it very exclusive to live in front of the waters of the Spanish coast, but living and working on the seafront will allow you to cultivate a healthy lifestyle, which harmonizes your financial, professional, physical and emotional well-being.

The properties we offer have exceptional locations on the best beaches on the Coast; they are comfortable, well lit by natural light and -although they are usually close to shops and services- in them you will find the tranquility you are looking for to relocate in Spain.


  • Repatriation services

We also offer services such as advice and accompaniment in the contracting and / or change of supplies (electricity, water, gas, internet etc.), as well as in the search for educational institutions for the little ones, among others.


Relocation in Spain, where is it better?

There are plenty of reasons for you to relocate in Spain and, in particular, on the seafront. Imagine enjoying a beautiful view of the beach with crystal clear waters and golden sands from your terrace facing the sea; living the excellent Mediterranean climate and enjoying exquisite culinary culture, good music and beautiful natural landscapes ... all this while you work.

The benefits of the first line of the sea also include an unparalleled feeling of relaxation and well-being. So this could be a good start to your life in Spain.

The Addurno team always works to achieve your satisfaction and that of your family, and to make the relocation process in Spain go in the simplest and most pleasant way for you.

Not only do we put you in touch with the home of your dreams at super competitive prices, but we guide and advise you with care and professionalism until your relocation process in Spain is completed.