The online purchase of a property in Spain

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Growing popularity of virtual shopping in real estate

This new virtual channel is not intended to replace the traditional process, but it is clear that it is in tune with the times we live in.


In 2018, El País announced the start of the online purchase of houses in Spain, a novel and challenging proposal, through which the real estate sector intended (and intends) that in the short term anyone can buy a property without physically stepping on it.


The Covid-19 pandemic helped, in some way, the impulse and development of this variant, as it made it impossible for many buyers to travel to Spain to start the procedures of buying and selling their property.


Although the real estate sector in Spain has started its digital career far behind other industries, the advances are already noticeable. Our real estate consultancy is an example.



Steps to buy a property virtually

  1. Find your home: The first thing you need is to find the property you want to buy. Depending on the purpose: first residence, second residence, holiday home or investment, you can choose the property that best suits each circumstance.


  1. Virtual: Through virtual tours of the home of your choice, you will have the feeling of being right inside the house. These online tours help you imagine your stay inside the property and appreciate the wonders of its space, just as if you were in it physically.


At Bhouses we offer excellent 3D virtual tours, managed through Floorfy software, specialists in creating a realistic digital twin for all types of spaces. This allows us to offer better experiences to our clients so that they can evaluate the properties of their interest more easily.

  1. Book: Once the property is chosen, the buyer must pay a small amount of money (between € 3,000 – € 5,000). This amount is called a Reserve to block housing from the market and serves to freeze the agreed price.


The deposit, once paid by the buyer, will not be recoverable in case of withdrawing the offer without objective cause. Unless it has been specified in writing indicating cases such as, for example, the failure to obtain financing or unforeseen urban irregularities.


  1. Pay: Payment of the deposit must be made in cash, by bank transfer or by credit/debit card. After the payment is made, our real estate consultant will be in charge of collecting all the legal information of the property in order to prepare the contract of sale.


  1. Notarize: Once the price and the reservation quantity have been fixed, we will start with the procedures of the purchase contract. This contract will stipulate the description of the property, the economic conditions of the sale, the amount set as a deposit, the duties and obligations of the parties, as well as the deadlines.

This document will protect you against any unforeseen event until the contract of sale is signed.


Bhouses gives you the confidence you need for online shopping


In our real estate portal you can find those properties that best fit your profile, always with the added value of being located in urban, coastal and mountain areas.


Hiring our services saves you time and money. Not only do we know well the locations and advantages of our properties, but our agents are of different nationalities and can provide you with all the information you need in the language you require.


Our real estate consultancy has developed a platform for you to choose the home of your dreams.


You will be able to access virtual tours, 360º image visualization, choice of housing depending on your capital, type of property, population and number of rooms.


In addition, you will have the possibility to customize the floor you select with Home Staging,


The buying and selling process also includes signing the online booking contract (with digital signature), processing all the necessary documents – prevention of money laundering, which is verified in 24 or 48 hours – and making the payment in a secure environment.


In Bhouses we are working to offer, very soon, operations certified by blockchain technology (a distributed and secure database -thanks to encryption- that can be applied to all types of transactions), which implies unalterable and protected payments.

By letting yourself be advised by experts like us, you make sure of two fundamental things: that you will buy a property super well located and in excellent constructive conditions.